Tim Hortons Adding New Limited Edition Iced Capp Flavours To Its Menu

Tim Hortons

Timmies’ famous Iced Capps are turning 20 this year! To celebrate this amazing milestone, Tim Hortons is adding limited edition Iced Capp flavours to their menu across Canada.

“The Tim Hortons Iced Capp is the ultimate Canadian summer beverage, so we’re excited to celebrate its 20th anniversary during the hottest days of the year,” says Mike Hancock, Chief Operating Officer of Tim Hortons.


These new flavours include Mocha Iced Capp, Oreo Iced Capp, Chocolate Chip Iced Capp & Salted Caramel Iced Capp.

The Chocolate Chip Iced Capp will be available beginning July 24th. The other limited edition flavours will be available across Canada soon as well.

If you’re looking for another way to stay cool, perhaps an Instagram-worthy pastel bubble tea is what you need.

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