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All The Fun Things To Do at The Free Tian Jin Festival in Burnaby

Photo: Tian Jin Festival

The 7th annual Tian Jin Festival is returning to Burnaby in May and there’s a lot of festivities to take part in. Mark your calendar, the two-day event takes place Saturday, May 4 to Sunday, May 5. And, admission is completely free.

The hugely popular community cultural event showcases classic Chinese cultures and traditions. It’s a celebration that encourages people of all backgrounds to learn more about Chinese culture while also having fun.

Tian Jin Festival will be featuring mouthwatering Taiwanese food, traditional games and a plethora of activities for children or those who are just young at heart.

CONTEST: Win $100 Towards Delicious Food At The Tian Jin Festival

Here’s a look at what to expect:

Free (or by donation) Games & Activities

Tian Jin Festival
Photo: Tian Jin Festival

Participate in these fun activities that are either free or by donation for a cost-effective way to have fun, while learning something new. There’s traditional Chinese sugar art, a balloon artist, face painting, lots of arts & crafts and traditional carnival games (think: ring toss, shooting balloons and roller balls).

Of course, no carnival would be complete without collecting raffle tickets that can be exchanged for some pretty cool prizes.

Free Cultural Performances

Tian Jin Festival
Photo: Tian Jin Festival

Take in all the sights and sounds being offered from these free cultural performances.

This year’s lineup includes Chinese band DEAL, Tian Jin Formation Drums (Chinese traditional folk culture), a Sabre & Korean fan dance and an exciting performance from the Shaolin Martial Arts Academy.

Frida Wijaya will also be making an appearance, doing a traditional Indonesian dance solo. Last but not least, there is Jade; an oriental dance performer, Spirit of Dance (known for Bollywood choreography), SONG, Weekend Warriors and multiple choirs.

Taiwanese Food Items

Tian Jin Festival
Photo: Tian Jin Festival

The food options are endless! Above all, dig into deep-fried buns with condensed milk, Taiwanese popcorn chicken, handmade rice noodles with pork, rice sausage stuffed with pork sausage, Taiwanese omelette, tea egg, or chilled noodles with sesame sauce.

Vegetarian options include sticky rice, rice cakes with peanut powder and tofu pudding. But some things you definitely can’t miss out on are their: peanut mochi, wintermelon tea and red bean wheel cake.

Tian Jin Festival

When: 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, May 4 to Sunday, May 5 2019

Admission: Free. RSVP on Facebook here.

Where: 3426 Smith Avenue, Burnaby

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