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Where to Find Monster Burgers in Metro Vancouver

Big appetite? No problem. Up your burger game by sinking your teeth into one of these monster burgers in Vancouver. Loaded with all the toppings you could ever dream of,


The Beast at Cannibal Cafe

I mean, it’s not called “The Beast” for no reason. It’s so big in fact, that it’s actually a challenge to finish it. Consisting of eight patties, eight double cheddar slides and eight double bacon strips, even those with the biggest of appetites will struggle with this one.

Location: Cannibal Cafe, 1818 Commercial Drive, Vancouver

DownLow Chicken

Start the day off on the right foot with a brunch slider. DownLow Chicken whips up an absolutely incredible Fried Chicken and Waffle Slider that will definitely not disappoint.

It includes double cheese waffles as the bun, with a boneless chicken thigh, slaw, pickles, picked red onions and smoked jalapeno honey mayo. Make it a double if you’re feeling really hungry.

Location: DownLow Chicken, 905 Commercial Drive

Texx Big Burger

Everything is bigger in Texas, or in this case, Surrey. Texx Big Burger is known for its humongous burgers. Order their Super TEXX Burger, Double TEXX Mix, TEXX Big Burger and much more.

Plus, you can get your choice of toppings for no additional cost.

Location: Texx Big Burger, 10320 Whalley Blvd, Surrey

Bells & Whistles

Try out the Hot Crunch at Bells & Whistles. This spicy burger doesn’t mess around. It consists of a hand-formed beef patty, banana peppers, jalapeno jack cheese, slaw and a sriracha lime aioli.

There’s also some chips added in there for a crunch factor and it’s made with Swiss Bakery’s iconic milk bun.

Location: Bells & Whistles, 3296 Fraser Street, Vancouver and 4497 Dunbar Street, Vancouver