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Over 4,000 Metro Vancouver Locals May Lose Travel Arrangements Due To Scam

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Consumer Protection BC is warning the public that they should be wary of any bookings made with Sinorama Travel Vancouver.

The travel agency, located in Richmond, had its license suspended after the bureau determined it may not have enough money to continue operating as a travel agency. In fact, the authority believes that travellers may be at risk of not getting the travel they paid for.

What’s more, over 4,000 clients are at risk of having their travel plans affected. As a result, they may lose a portion of, or even a full travel booking.

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On August 8th,  the travel provider’s license was revoked and their bank accounts frozen; however, the impact on travellers is still being assessed. Therefore, updates will be shared as they come to come to light.

Currently, the department isn’t aware of anyone who hasn’t gotten the travel they booked and paid for. Consequently, they can’t say for whether travel plans will happen or not. This is why it’s so important to confirm that your plans have been booked and paid for.

Sinorama Travel

The travel operator’s license was revoked in BC, but it also had offices across the country; they operated in Ontario for 13 years.

“The Travel Industry Council of Ontario (TICO) says Sinorama was placed under trusteeship on July 24 after an $11 million shortfall and voluntarily ceased its activities in Ontario on August 8, terminating its Ontario Travel Industry Act, 2002 registration,” according to CBC News.

As a result, you must determine if your booking is valid.  Be sure to look through your contacts, invoice, and itineraries for booking information. If you can find it, contact those suppliers directly to confirm that your plans have been booked and paid for.

If you can’t confirm your bookings, and you paid by credit card, call or write the credit card company to see if the charges could be reversed.

See the Consumer Protection BC’s notification here.


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