Shoppers Drug Mart Applies To Sell Medical Marijuana

Shoppers Drug Mart

shoppers drug mart medical marijuana

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Looking for a weed dispensary? You won’t need to go far.

Canada’s largest pharmacy chain has formally applied to produce and distribute medical marijuana, although they only hope to be a distributor.

Shoppers Drug Mart spokeswoman, Tammy Smitham, told CBC News the company has asked for a producer license “strictly for the purposes of distributing marijuana.”

“We have no intention of producing medical marijuana, but we do want the ability to dispense medical marijuana to our patients in conjunction with counselling from a pharmacist.”

Shoppers Drug Mart has been hinting at selling medical marijuana since last February, and given the amount of people who hold valid medical cards, the application is completely understandable.

CBC reported that over 75,000 Canadians had legitimate prescriptions for medical marijuana at the end of June.

And in the last three months, more than 4,000 grams of dried marijuana has been purchased by users.

Shoppers believes that allowing for them to be a main distributor of medical marijuana will ensure product safety and reduce issues concerning security.

“As we have indicated in the past we believe that allowing medical marijuana to be dispensed through pharmacy would increase access, safety, quality and security for the thousands of Canadians who use the drug as part of their medication therapy,” Shoppers said.

Despite the obvious perks for users, some people do not think Shoppers should jump on board the pot-selling train. Here’s what some had to say in the comments section of CBC’s Facebook post about the matter:

Do you think Shoppers Drug Mart should be allowed a medical marijuana distributor licence? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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