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Scooter-Car Allegedly Involved In Hit & Run On Kingsway (Video)

Scooter Car Allegedly Involved In Hit & Run On Kingsway (Video)

Moments following an alleged hit and run were recorded and shared online by a pedestrian, Duncan Ng, who is reporting an older woman was thrown to the ground after the driver of a scooter-car hit her just outside Crystal Mall in Burnaby, across the street from the Element Metrotown.

While walking to Crystal Mall, I saw a crowd on one of those island in between the street and where cars turn right. As a got to the crowd, a old Chinese lady was on the ground bleeding from her nose and head. She was also bruised on her head and knees were also cut. Then I noticed an older lady (European accent) with this pimped up scooter trying to leave the scene. People were telling her to not leave but she just drove off. Afterwards, the witnesses told me that while they were waiting for the light, the lady in this pimped scooter crashed into the older lady from behind and knocked down and she did a full face plant on to the street.

Please help identify this lady or the scooter that she was driving. We have talked to the RCMP. The old lady was sent to the hospital.

The video has received over 111,000 views on Facebook, and an additional 6,700 on YouTube.

According to several reports, the RCMP is still investigating the incident and has yet to release information.

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