Construction On An 11-Block Bike Lane In Downtown Vancouver Begins Today

Construction on new bike lane begins

The drive to help bike lanes in Vancouver flourish continues, as construction on an 11-block lane begins today.

The city is starting a major redesign of Richards Street, starting Monday, January 6. There will be traffic disruptions for up to 15 months before the project is done.

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The $13.4 million project will go from Cordova to Pacific Street. Its aim is to improve the current bike lane, between the sidewalk and parking lot.

Paul Storer, the City of Vancouver’s manager of transportation design, said there isn’t a lot of space between the lane and parking lot. It’s also not wide enough for cyclists to pass each other, he said.

The city plans to move the bike path to the east side of the street and is adding physical barriers. They will also widen the lane for cyclists to pass in either direction.

To do that, however, they had to remove trees on Richards Street that were in the way. The city will plant 100 new trees to make up for it.

The city will additionally add an electric vehicle charging station, two bike share hubs and more bike racks.

They expect work to wrap up in the spring of 2021.

Meanwhile, bike lane proposals are under discussion in Richmond and there are several others to come for downtown.

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