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New Westminster Driver Issued 2 Distracted Driving Tickets Within 100 Feet

distracted driving

Photo: NWPD Traffic / Twitter

As time goes on, laws regarding distracted driving are being enforced more and more.

The New West Police Department of traffic tweeted out yesterday that there was a driver who got issued a ticket of $368 for distracted driving.

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After receiving the ticket, the driver drove about 100 feet more and pulled up at a red light. The same police officer who issued the ticket pulled up next to the car.

Not having learned his lesson from the first ticket, the police officer happened to catch the driver with his phone in hand, plugging it in. This time, it resulted in a second ticket.

This driver ended up with a $736 fine, and an eight point penalty.

Distracted Driving

According to the Motor Vehicle Act, Part 3.1, the fine for a single distracted driving violation is $368, along with four penalty points that will be applied to a driver’s record.


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