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New Party Bus Regulations Introduced By BC Government

Police Pulled Over Party Bus With 40 Drunk Teens Onboard

On Wednesday, it was announced that new party bus regulations were being introduced by the BC government.

One of those changes is that for any new bookings made after April 1st, 2019, operators will now be required to have a safety monitor on board when there are minors inside a party bus or limousine.


Operator will be responsible for ensuring that the safety monitor has the appropriate first-aid training and meet record check requirements. Safety monitors must obtain certifications that meet minimum first-aid training requirements, including how to administer Naloxone.

Furthermore, party bus operators are also required to collect consent forms from parents and guardians.

Other Party Bus Regulations and Fines

The Transportation and Infrastructure ministry has also raised fines for part buses. Any party bus or commercial vehicle that does not display valid decals showing they’ve passed a safety inspection will receive a fine of $318. This is up from the previous fine amount of $81.

The Passenger Transportation Amendment Act, which carries a maximum fine 50,000 for operators who fail to comply with the act, the regulations, or the terms and conditions of their licence, goes into force later this year.


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