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New North Delta High Rise: A Closer Look

Big things are coming to North Delta (finally)

The city announced earlier this year the approval of a 37-storey tower just off Scott Road and 80t avenue. This would make it the tallest building in Delta and in it’s area (12 floors taller than Surrey’s Central City tower). Many locals opposed the idea, but this is a great step for the future of the city. The municipality has worked hard towards keeping homes, buildings and even malls in Delta relatively small, but eventually caved into the younger generations interests of going big!

The new high rise will include 359 apartments, and a four-storey commercial component with a maximum 2,304 sq. m. (24,800 sq. ft.) floor area.

Louis Jackson, Delta’s mayor announced there will be new traffic lights and engineering changes to roads that will help manage any added traffic congestion from North Delta’s future mega-tower.

Surrey also approved a new building – a 50 floor skyscraper in Surrey

Written by: Sean Bassi

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