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These Are The Most Dangerous Intersections In Metro Vancouver

Most Dangerous Intersections In Metro Vancouver

Grandcity Autobody LTD. has released a list of the most dangerous intersections in Metro Vancouver.

They researched over 10,000 accidents and analyzed the information. Perhaps not surprisingly, “most of the high-risk intersections are in the Lower Mainland, connecting on-and off-ramps from the Trans Canada Highway” reads their website.


Furthermore, their study also highlights that there’s a rise in crashes. Using ICBC statistics, Grandcity found out that in 2015, there were 80,000 crashes at intersections in Metro Vancouver, up from 67,000 in 2014.

The most dangerous intersections in Metro Vancouver in 2018 were:

  • Brunette Ave off the Trans-Canada Highway
  • Trans-Canada Highway & Willingdon Ave
  • Knight St & SE Marine Dr
  • Boundary Rd & Grandview Highway
  • Broadway St & Mary Hill Bypass
  • Kensington Ave & TransCanada Highway
  • 88 Ave & King George Blvd
  • Main St & Terminal Ave

Accidents range in number from 316 at Brunette Ave down to 170 at Main St.

So what makes these intersections the most dangerous?

It’s noted that “there are more cars and more traffic for longer periods of time than ever before”. These intersections were not designed with this kind of volume in mind and people face bottlenecks, which leads them to make riskier decisions to cross lanes and skip lines.

Grandcity Autobody also points out that motorists can do their part by leaving their phone alone while driving, and making sure you take your car in for regular maintenance.


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