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Milksha, A Taiwanese Beverage Shop That Puts The Milk In Milk Tea, Is Coming To Vancouver

Milksha Vancouver

Photo: Milksha

Yet another well-known Taiwanese bubble tea shop is coming to Vancouver.

Milksha, known as Milkshop in Taiwan, emphasizes the milk in the milk tea.

Founded by Kevin Lim in 2004 in Tainan, Taipei; the former-dairy-farmer wanted to make bubble milk tea using fresh milk, and less cream.

Since then, Milkshop now uses no preservatives or artificial colouring in their pearls or drinks.

Milksha Vancouver
Photo: Milksha

Milkshop/Milksha’s most popular drinks include:

  • Azuki Matcha Milk
  • Fresh Taro Milk
  • Valrhona 100% Cocoa Milk
  • Refreshing Orange Green Tea
  • Earl Grey Latte with Honey Pearl

One of Milkshop/Milksha’s specialities, however, are honey boba pearls. These honey boba pearls are made by soaking cooked boba pearls in honey, allowing them to absorb the honey.

And because the pearls are made with no artificial ingredients, colouring, and preservatives, the pearls take on a unique, orangey, somewhat-translucent colour.

Milksha Vancouver
Photo: Milksha

Milkshop/Milksha also uses matcha imported from Izumo Tousuien, a historic specialty matcha brand from Japan.

The shop will be on 1258 Robson Street, and doors are expected to be open for business sometime this fall.

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