Medical Marijuana Smoker Films Argument With BC Ferries Officer

BC Ferries Bans

A short but interesting argument broke out between a medical marijuana smoking passenger and a BC Ferries officer during a sailing last week.

The smoker, who has held a medical marijuana license for nearly seven years, was headed home to Vancouver Island went to the ship’s outdoor smoking zone to “relax”. Shortly after, he was confronted by the ship’s officer who informed him to stop smoking the marijuana and that it was not permitted on the ship.

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After refusing, he reports that he was then surrounded by more of the ship’s crew members.

No one from the B.C. Ferries’ personnel was able to produce a written policy of smoking pot on the ferry, and the smoker felt he was in no violation.

He then returned to the smoking area and was confronted again. He decided to film the encounter and later shared it on Facebook with the caption “Harassment on the high sea”.

The ferry corporation is holding its ground on the claim though, and says just like alcohol, they limit consumption on its ships.

In a statement provided to the CBC, BC Ferries spokeswoman reiterated that the corporation does not allow the use of marijuana onboard vessels or anywhere on its property.


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  • StanSig

    There are other ways of using medical marijuana, edibles would work in this situation with zero confrontation Clearly the fellow in the video just wanted the confrontation. He kept putting words in the officers mouth, saying things the officer did not say. He was asked to comply with a rule and did not. Looks to me like another case of entitlement at any cost. The person who feel they are entitled think is their ‘right’ to do what they want and to hell with what anyone else says or wants.

  • Scott Alavezos

    Wait a minute; if edibles would be acceptable in your eyes, and they allow smoking in permitted zones, then what is the problem with smoking cannabis on the ferry? If you think it should be fine as long as they aren’t smoking, then being under the influence isn’t the problem. And if they have a smoking section then the smoke isn’t the problem…

    So what’s the problem?

    The problem is, they wanted to harass the guy based on arrogance and ignorance without presenting the stated policy that they were attempting to judge him against.

    And edibles would not necessarily be the right answer. Edibles take anywhere between two and four hours to reach potency, and for someone trying to do pain management, or I don’t know, any other treatment that is none of the crews business, they should be able to dose medication in any way they see fit, or alternatively, how their Doctor recommends, NOT based on the whims of a boorish sea captain who refuses to show the policy that is being requested by the gentleman.

  • StanSig

    For starters the officer in the video is not a captain and secondly he was not being boorish, he was being very restrained in the face of a confrontational passenger who was not complying with the rules as stated by the officer. The ticket you buy when you get on a plane, train, bus or ferry clearly states that you are agreeing to the terms of Carriage. One of those terms is to comply with crew at all times, not when you feel like it. If Ferries has a rule and you are told about it, you comply or you find alternate means of transportation. The officer probably had a thousand other things to do other than argue with a passenger, then go search up documents to then go show the passenger. I would ban him from travel.
    Perhaps the officer was reacting to complaint from another passenger who did not like the smell, did not want to be near it but they smoked cigarettes and had to smoke in the smoking area? Perhaps he was doing his job as was told to him by his superior, and the smoking guy put the officer in a bad position because of his stubborn refusal to obay crew members, as he agreed to do when he purchased his ticket. (See above re Conditions of Carriage.)
    Yes, I agree he should be able to dose as he sees fit, with the caveat that it not disturb anyone else. Since the ferry trip is only an hour and a half maybe he could have either waited, or smoked his joint before he got on board. After all, let’s face it, he was smoking a joint. Or would that be too onerous on him to respect someone else’s rules, since he was on someone elses ship.
    Don’t get me wrong, I am all for medical Marijuana, i know a few peopke who use it. It’s just guys like the arrogant, entitled guy smoking it when asked not to are going make it look bad for the rest.