Medical Marijuana Smoker Films Argument With BC Ferries Officer

BC Ferries

A short but interesting argument broke out between a medical marijuana smoking passenger and a BC Ferries officer during a sailing last week.

The smoker, who has held a medical marijuana license for nearly seven years, was headed home to Vancouver Island went to the ship’s outdoor smoking zone to “relax”. Shortly after, he was confronted by the ship’s officer who informed him to stop smoking the marijuana and that it was not permitted on the ship.

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After refusing, he reports that he was then surrounded by more of the ship’s crew members.

No one from the B.C. Ferries’ personnel was able to produce a written policy of smoking pot on the ferry, and the smoker felt he was in no violation.

He then returned to the smoking area and was confronted again. He decided to film the encounter and later shared it on Facebook with the caption “Harassment on the high sea”.

The ferry corporation is holding its ground on the claim though, and says just like alcohol, they limit consumption on its ships.

In a statement provided to the CBC, BC Ferries spokeswoman reiterated that the corporation does not allow the use of marijuana onboard vessels or anywhere on its property.


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