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Mayor Suggests Extending Surrey Light Rail Transit To The Fraser Valley

Light Rail Transit

The Light Rail Transit system in Surrey will be the first of its kind in all of BC. The province stated that it is the ideal spot for the LRT as it will reduce congestion, increase transit capacity and create more jobs for the region; however, many people believe that a larger part of Greater Vancouver ought to take part in this transit evolution.

Numerous advocates have been appealing for improved transit out of the Fraser Valley. Some hoped to revive the old BC Electric Railway Interurban line, which connected New Westminster to Chilliwack until the 1950s.

Henry Braun, the Mayor of Abbotsford, is one of the most prominent advocates for transit development in the area. He believes the best option for the region is to connect Surrey’s LTR transit system to the Fraser Valley.

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Light Rail Transit to Fraser Valley

In order to alleviate congestions, he thinks an LTR should be constructed down the middle of Highway 1 between Surrey and the Fraser Valley.

Braun spoke to Global News, conveying how the current transit system was built when he was 14 years old. Now, he’s 67, and the system hasn’t changed. As a result, he feels its long overdue for an upgrade.

While he thinks these plans are extremely important, he doesn’t ideas as to where the funds would come from.

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