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Massey Tunnel Plans Put On Hold Until Fall 2020

An independent report on the Massey Tunnel, commissioned by the province, was released today.

The Massey Tunnel has long been a point of frustration for both drivers and the government. 

Unfortunately, we won’t be getting answers anytime soon.

Plans Put On Hold

According to reports, the BC New Democratic Party (NDP) will not decide on how to upgrade the tunnel until the fall of 2020.

Originally, a 10-lane bridge was meant to replace the 59-year-old tunnel, a plan put in place by the previous liberal government.

However, the $3.5 billion project was scraped shortly after the NDP was elected.   

Engineer Stan Caldwell was hired last year to reevaluate the tunnel.

Today, Transportation Minister Claire Trevena ruled out the 10-lane bridge as a suitable solution for communities and instead said there are other options available.

She said the project for the 10-lane bridge had issues from the get-go. However,  a smaller bridge and tunnel improvements may be the answer to reducing congestion.

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