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Local Pranks From The Past To Give You A Laugh On Aprils Fools Day

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Local Pranks From The Past To Give You A Laugh On Aprils Fools Day

Happy April fools Day!

April 1st is traditionally known as April fools day and provides everyone with an equal opportunity to prank their friends, family members, and even colleagues. In other words, the day is all about laughs. To ensure everyone is showing off their pearly whites today, we’ve compiled a list of funny moments and pranks we’ve shared in the past. Enjoy!


SFU: Stop Masturbating In The Showers
A poster appears in multiple spots on SFU’s Burnaby campus informing students to stop masturbating in the showers.


Premier Christy Clark Gets Called A “MILF” During Radio Interview
This wasn’t a prank, a radio show host actually asked our premier what it’s like to be a MILF.


Top 10 Most Absurd 9-1-1 Calls In Metro Vancouver
It is annoying enough receiving prank calls from strangers or friends—but some callers dialing 9-1-1 recently had dispatchers asking, ‘Are you serious?’


Pranksters Flood UBC Fountain With Soap
The new UBC Fountain, also known as the Martha Piper Plaza was the victim of a harmless  “Friday the 13th” prank as it over flooded with foam. What seemed like snow from a distance, actually turned out to be soap and those walking by, LOVED IT!


Roberto Luongo Has Mercedes-Benz SUV Tires Stolen
Roberto Luongo woke up to a unfortunate situation one morning when he stepped outside his Florida home to realize all four tires on his Mercedes-Benz GL-Class were stolen.


Man Locks Himself Out of Vancouver Hotel, NAKED
This video has surfaced on YouTube which is reportedly security footage from a Vancouver hotel. A unlucky guest quickly steps out of his room to leave dirty dishes out for the hotel staff and does so without his room key..


SFU Prank: Don’t Let Your Future Scare You
There’s nothing like back to school pranks to kick start the new semester, especially at SFU on Friday the 13th.


Hilarious Canucks Ticket Ad On Craigslist
An angry Canucks fan who goes into detail on why his wife won’t let him attend the game.


Vancouver Pranked By UFO Sighting
The Space Centre announced the “close encounter” was actually a marketing scheme used to promote its new half million dollar upgrade at the Planetarium Theatre.


WTF: Luongo & Schneider Traded To Chicago For Patrick Kane
Our April Fools joke last year. You won’t believe how many people fell for it!


Men’s Plus-Size Lingerie Coming To A Store Near You
Creative marketing in Vancouver prior to a Noodle Shop opening its doors.


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