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Inside A Van With A Vancouver Indie Artist: Echo Nebraska (Video)

Echo Nebraska is an indie folk-rock band reigning from Vancouver, BC. The band recently completed a Western Canadian tour in support of the debut EP, Send the Ships. 

The band recently teamed up with Indie Vancity to perform a cover for Hey Rosetta! Before you tune, get to know a little more of Echo Nebraska below:

Most extreme sport undertaken: Rollerblading on a makeshift bike ramp a few years ago. I nearly killed myself trying to prove how cool I was to kids half my age. I just failed miserably.

Your teenage angst anthem: ‘Don’t Speak’ by No Doubt.

Name of favourite imaginary friend (past or current): He’s not imaginary and his name is Roscoe.  

Favourite local comfort food: Homemade chicken soup. My girlfriend and I will go to Jackson’s and get a whole chicken to make the broth and load it up with veg. A nice loaf of bread on the side is always ideal.

If you were a cake, what cake would you be: I googled ‘types of cake’ and came across one called a chocolate beer cake. It includes stout and chocolate. I’ll go with that, as those are two of my favourite things.


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