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‘Gumhead’ Sculpture To Be Unveiled In Vancouver

‘Gumhead’ Sculpture To Be Unveiled In Vancouver

‘Gumhead’ Sculpture To Be Unveiled In Vancouver

Got gum?

As part of a new exhibit, local author and artist Douglas Coupland is debuting his newest interactive piece of artwork—‘Gumhead.’ Just like it sounds; it’s a giant sculpture of his head that will be covered in gum and located just outside the Vancouver Art Gallery on Howe Street.

The sculpture is interactive in the sense that visitors and those passing by on the street are invited to add their chewed gum to the piece. ‘Gumhead’ is a 7-foot-tall portrait of the artist himself; that is made out of steel, milled foam, resin and of course, will be covered in gum. Coupland describes his work as a “gum-based, crowd sourced, publicly interactive, self-portrait.” With the addition of people’s gum, the head will be transformed to the point it will eventually obscure the artist’s face.

Chewing gum is more commonly seen as a nuisance by the public; littering the streets and various public spaces—but Coupland tweeted out that instead of the piece being an eyesore, he hopes it will become a “beloved conversation starter, up for just 6 months.”

The sculpture has been unloaded at the Vancouver Art Gallery, but will not be unveiled until the end of the month when the exhibit is launched. “Douglas Coupland: everywhere is anywhere is anything is everything” will be presented from May 31 until September 1. The title of Coupland’s exhibit reflects his “deep engagement with place and cultural identity and his recognition of a growing ubiquity as access to information, images and technology becomes more readily available to the masses.” Sections of his exhibition include: Secret Handshake, Growing up Utopian, The Pop Explosion, Words into Objects, The 21st Century Condition and The Brain.

This will be the first major survey exhibition of his work presented at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

For more information on the exhibit, visit the website.



Written by: Meagan Gill
Image via Douglas Coupland / Twitter

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