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A Tourist’s Guide To The Best of Chilliwack

Photo: Dane Deaner

Chilliwack is not only the second largest city of the Fraser Valley, but the seventh largest city in all of BC.

A strong sense of community, a connection to the plethora of greenery and everything outdoors related is what sets this city apart from the rest.

Here’s your guide to everything you need to know about the city!

Best of Chilliwack



Photo: Cultus Cottages

Chilliwack, the “Green Heart of British Columbia”, offers up an abundance of hiking and walking trails.

From easier to intermediate trails and everything in between such as Teapot Hill, Seven Sisters, Cheam Lake Wetlands, Bridal Veil Falls, Lindeman Lake, Mount Cheam, Mount Thom, Slesse Memorial, Sumas Mountain, Vedder Ridge, Elk Mountain, Chilliwack Valley, your feet are in for a trip of exploration beyond belief.


Photo: Ksenia Kudelkina

If it weren’t for films like The Descent, the concept of caving portrayed would have been pretty appealing.

Lucky for us, there are caves in the Chilliwack area that give the community a taste of the real thing. Chipmunk Caves, Slesse Cave, and the Stolo Caves all provide an introduction to the adrenaline pumping exploration of the depths. Don’t forget to bring a flashlight!


Photo: Dane Deaner

Chilliwack offers a diverse range of activities for all ages. No matter what you’re into, it’s got you covered.

If you more of an outdoors person, you’re in luck. Chilliwack is unique in it’s fishing sense, carrying gigantic sturgeon in the Fraser River that look like they could date back to prehistoric times. Great River Fishing offers a memorable sturgeon fishing experience that won’t break the bank.

River Rafting and Kayaking is also an option, with Vancouver’s Best White Water Resort located in Chilliwack. They take you on thrill-filled adventures through Chilliwack River,

For animal lovers, there’s a bounty of options. Both the Great Blue Heron Reserve and Chehalis River Hatchery are a great way to entrance yourself in the beauty of animal life.


Photo: Chilliwack Chiefs

The city also boasts a few select event centres, such as Chilliwack Heritage Park and the Chilliwack Cultural Centre. Be sure to catch a Chilliwack Chiefs game next time you’re in town!

Dinotown, Cultus Lake Waterslides, Bridal Veils Waterpark, Chillibowl Lanes, and Adventure Park are family fun classics. For those a little more daring, give Popkum Motor Park a try! The thrilling off-roading experience is something everyone should try once in their lifetime — a guaranteed blood pumper.


Photo: Tourism Chilliwack/Youtube

Both Chaos and Solace Brewing and the Old Yale Brewery are independently owned with a delectable selection of craft beers, ranging from Caramel Macchiato Stout’s to Luckakuck Kolsch’s.

Kermode Wild Berry Wines is unique in the sense that every berry put into these wines come from the wild. There are over 30 different kinds of edible berries in British Columbia alone, and Kermode Winery has conquered about a third so far.


Photo: Tourist Places

The Fraser Valley Mineral Museum is a true gem (get it?) located in the Bridal Falls area, which holds fossils, crystallized rocks, and even a seven foot Narwhal Tusk!

The Atchelitz Threshermen’s Museum is a working farm museum, and is part of a larger association dedicated to the collection, preservation, restoration, and exhibition of both steam and gasoline engines and tractors.

Culture is important for a society, and without its conversation, society’s traditions as we know it would cease to exist. The Agassiz-Harrison Museum, one of the Fraser Valley’s best kept secrets, embraces the preservation of local history and culture. Visit today to travel back in time!


Photo: Alisa Anton

An outing wouldn’t be complete without a few delicacies, and Chilliwack’s smorgasbord of cuisine offers a variety.

For the sweet tooth, Mighty Moose Ice Cream has huge portions of ice cream and sorbet and freshly made waffle cones — a hot day’s paradise. The Airport Coffee Shop has over 60 legendary, drool-worthy pies and cheesecakes, along with a full breakfast and lunch menu.

For those who favour the savoury, The Yellow Deli has eclectic decor, a warm ambience, and serves up a selection of sandwiches and pastries, along with a juice bar. J. Beethoven’s Pizza has all the classic pizza recipes, along with a few new additions such as the Beethoven’s & Najib special. With light, hearty crust and reasonable prices, what more could you ask for?


Photo: Fraser Valley Freelancers

Chilliwack takes pride in its farmland, and what better way to celebrate that other than a corn fest? The annual BBQ & Corn Fest and the Ah-Mazing Corn Maze Race indulges the local corn in the summer, making events to feast both your eyes and mouth on.


Photo: The Book Man

Feeling like you’re in the mood to shop till you drop? Chilliwack’s the place to go. Cottonwood Mall is one of the largest retail complexes in the Eastern Fraser Valley, with over 69 stores to browse from.

If you’re looking for one of a kind finds, Unika, Creekside Home Decor, The Button Box, Stolo Gift Shop, and The Book Man are the places to be, with a myriad of items. From Spirit Bear Coffee to a vast range of used books, you’ll find everything you need.


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