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You’ll Melt At The Adorable Orphaned Cougar Cubs At The Greater Vancouver Zoo

Greater Vancouver Zoo

Photo: Greater Vancouver Zoo

Back in February, the Greater Vancouver Zoo gained a new family member: Rocket, a male cougar cub.

The orphaned cougar cub was originally found hiding underneath the deck of a home near Williams Lake, in dire condition; the cub’s mother was struck by a car, and the cub was left to his own devices.

It was a miracle he survived for any length of time on his own; however, the decision to bring him to the zoo enabled him to thrive.

Greater Vancouver Zoo
Photo: Greater Vancouver Zoo

Since then, the lonesome cub has gained a friend in the form of a second cub who was also rescued. In a similar situation, a female cub, Rosie, was found near a trail area after being struck by a car. Although she had serious head as well as eye trauma, with wonderful care she has made a full recovery.

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Greater Vancouver Zoo: Cougar Recovery

Sadly, as these cubs were both rescued at such a young age, they would not have survived alone in the wild through not being able to protect themselves and hunt. Instead the zoo is fortunate to provide these cubs with a safe environment to thrive. Now, the adorable cubs are best pals at the zoo, and are well on the road to recovery.

At this time, there are no rescue protocols in place for these large cats in BC. As a result, for most conservation cases like this, if these wild animals cannot be placed in captivity, the alternative is euthanization. 

Greater Vancouver Zoo
Photo: Greater Vancouver Zoo

The Greater Vancouver Zoo works with the community to ensure the preservation of native species in local ecosystems. Public education about wildlife and awareness around conservation work is important so that more endangered species can continue to thrive in the wild.

To see these playful kitties in person, be sure to come by the Cougar Enclosure, 22A, in the North American Wilds section where you can learn more about their fascinating story from our staff and volunteers.

To learn more about the Greater Vancouver Zoo, head here.


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