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Get Acquainted With An Etsy Shop: Blushface Paper Goods

Get Acquainted With An Etsy Shop: Blushface Paper Goods

Get Acquainted With An Etsy Shop: Blushface Paper Goods

Personalized paper goods and cheeky coffee mugs are an everyday thing for Lisa Tran, owner of Vancouver-based Blushface Paper Goods. This creative graphic designer has transformed her Etsy shop over the last 5 years into an e-commerce business that ships goods all over North America.

Paper goods are handmade with thoughtful designs and can be customized by order. Even the mugs, which are designed with special ink, are heat pressed by hand right here in Vancouver. 604 Now asked Lisa to share her experience as a successful entrepreneur:


Were you always a creative person?

Yes, I was always a creative person! Growing up, I pretty much self-taught myself any design program I could get at that time. And I would design or create anything I could digitally or by hand. I always found myself making paper gifts for my family and friends for special occasions.


How did you pursue becoming a graphic designer?

I actually knew I always wanted to become a graphic designer but after high school I thought it was best for me to pursue business. As I was doing my 2-year Business Management program at BCIT, I realized I wasn’t happy and I always found myself still creating and designing anything I could with my projects even though it wasn’t necessary, I felt every project needed more creative visuals instead of just words and numbers. So right when I finished that program, I decided to go back to school. I took Design Essentials, a program that Emily Carr and BCIT had and I loved it! So from there, I knew I wanted to pursue a career as a graphic designer.


Get Acquainted With An Etsy Shop: Blushface Paper Goods

What inspired you to design goods and sell them online?

My family and friends, honestly! On special occasions, I would make them paper gifts such as a photo book, fun greeting cards, birthday tickets, mini magazine and so much more, when I would give it to them I loved seeing their reactions and faces. They would blush of joy and excitement, which makes me blush! And that is how the name Blushface came to me!


How do you utilize social media for your business?

I try to use social media as much as I can for my business, I feel like it’s a way of connecting with others when I can’t do it face to face. I always like to add my personal touch to it, to let others know who I really am and what’s to come for Blushface Paper Goods.


How important has participating in craft fairs been for your business?

It’s very important to me! I love it and it has given me a chance to interact with people in person. It also helped me as a designer and a crafter to see what others like and want. My next and first market for this year, will be at West Elm Marketplace on Sunday, July 12 which is really exciting!

Get Acquainted With An Etsy Shop: Blushface Paper Goods

How did you land your mugs in local stores?

My first order from a local store, the co-owner from T’s Once a Upon a Tea Leaf in Maple Ridge actually contacted me though my Etsy shop saying how she loved my mugs and wanted it in their boutique. And it happened! Around that time, I also contacted Brick & Mortar Living in New Westminster and asked if they would be interested in the mugs and then that happened too! It has been really exciting and I believe it’s my love and hard work that goes into each product which others see too, that’s how I landed my mugs in great local stores! And a little luck.



What is your best-selling good and why?

There are so many to choose from, so I can’t just state just one. I would say my best selling greeting cards are “I love this adventure of ours” and “you two do look good together #justsaying”. And my best selling coffee mug would be “Hot Girls Read”, “If it requires Pants and Bra”, “Coffee makes me poop” and of course, “Blow me, I’m Hot.” I believe these are the best sellers because they are fun, silly and true! And that is what life really is about!


How do you turn customers into loyal recurring ones?

With any order whether purchased online or in person, I always give them a little note thanking them for the order. I express if they have any questions or comments, to not hesitate to ask me anything. And I also give them a little gift for their next order!


What advice would you give to someone interested in graphic design or wanting to start their own business?

The advice I would give is.. to just start! Start with whatever you have and wherever you are. You will always be constantly learning and improving as the years go by, so why not just start now. If you have that passion for what you do, you are capable of anything!


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The popular witty mugs and other goods are currently available on shelves at Brick and Mortar Living and In Good Company in addition to the online Etsy store.

Interview by Amar Mirchandani @amarmirch

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