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Gas Prices In British Columbia Are Affecting Fill-Up Behaviour, Study Finds

Gas Prices In British Columbia

Photo: Mehluli Hikwa / Unsplash

Gas prices in British Columbia are not what they were a decade ago, but there are signs that British Columbians have adapted to that reality.

A poll conducted by Research Co. has found that two behavioural trends, as it relates to filling up on gas, have started taking form. (All data pertains to this year.)

51% of polled drivers said that they purchased gas for their vehicle despite the tank not being near-empty, just because they noticed gas prices were suddenly lower. This remained true across all gender, age, region, and political affiliation demographics.

The second was that 18%, almost a fifth, of polled drivers said that they’ve traveled across the border with the sole intent of filling up on gas. The variance across demographics in this case was more significant.

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Men (23%) were significantly more likely than women (13%) to travel to the U.S. just to fill up on gas.

BC drivers between the age of 18 and 54 (20%) were also more likely than those over 55 (14%) to do so, which is likely unsurprising.

When it comes to region, however, the variance was also enlightening. 32% of Fraser Valley residents said that they’ve crossed the border just to get gas in the past year. This is contrasted by residents of Metro Vancouver, 22% of which said they’ve done the same thing.

As we move further north, the numbers continue to dwindle, a sign that as much of a draw cheaper gas prices can be to residents of British Columbia, there’s only so far we’d go to get it.

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