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FlyOver Canada: Flight Of The Dragon Review

Fly Over Canada: Flight of the Dragon Review

Ever want to glide across The Great Wall of China, or feel the spray of water from Niagara Falls?  Then skip the airport and vacation fees, and head down to Canada Place to visit Fly Over Canada! Thanks to Fly Over Canada’s new theme “Flight of the Dragon” if you visit before March 2nd,  you can visit both China and Canada in the same day!

With this 4-D experience, you will not only see the two countries, but you will feel and smell it as well! The technology behind it is incredible, as your seat is lifted into the air and above a screen that gives you a birds-eye view. In fact, the experience became so convincing, I felt as if my feet would actually hit the mountaintops of British Columbia!

However, it should be mentioned that at Fly Over Canada the entertainment begins long before your flight takes off. Currently, in celebration of Chinese New Year, there is a “Flight of the Dragon” theme that begins at the ticket sales booth, so you’re immediately immersed in a new culture upon your arrival!

There I was able to get my name written in Chinese calligraphy, and I even watched the pros as they painted various traditional designs. Their level of detail is incredible, and I found that you could truly spend your entire evening observing their techniques!

You’ll also want to grab some traditional Chinese goodies before you flight, including the extremely popular White Rabbit candy, and the delicious fortune cookies. However, if you are looking for something to take home, you’ll have to check out the variety of merchandise available for purchase.

After a peek around the tent, you will have to stand outside in line. For this reason, I strongly suggest you dress warm (There are heaters for part of the line, but elsewhere it was extremely cold). Yet, despite the weather I found that even waiting in line was an experience in itself, as traditional Chinese drums were played, and we were treated to a lion dance.

Eventually, we made our way inside the building, where we were first introduced to the ride by a video, and then brought to another room to be entertained by a cheesy, yet cute flight safety and orientation video – with a Canadian twist.

Then suddenly, it was time to fly! After being seated in one of several rows, and strapping ourselves in, our seats moved up and over a concave screen.

First up was China – a beautiful country, with phenomenal landscapes and architecture. Throughout this portion of the ride, an on-screen dragon accompanied us to each of the areas we explored. Yet, even this aspect of the ride was realistic, as when the dragon moved across the screen, our seats would shake! Afterwards, the ride briefly stopped, and then the regular Fly Over Canada show began, taking us across the country, ending up in B.C. It was great having the two shows back-to-back, as it was interesting to draw similarities and differences between the two countries!

I also have to say that during the show, the travel bug in me was awakened, as I was awestruck at just how few of the locations in Canada and China I recognized.  Afterwards, I had to take a look at the Fly Over Canada homepage, to see the names of the locations I saw throughout the show – some which I have never heard of! If anything, Fly Over Canada has certainly encouraged me to find out more about the world we live in!

As a long-time fan of Disney’s Soarin Over California, which offers a similar California-themed ride, my expectations were high, but I ended up thoroughly enjoying the Fly Over Canada experience! I can’t wait to see what other countries and themes they add in the future, as it truly is the most comfortable, and stress-free way to travel the world!


Review by: Kerri J

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