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5 Reasons Why You Need To Go Fishing In Coquitlam Right Now

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Photo: City of Coquitlam

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an avid fisher, haven’t fished since you were a kid or have never cast a line in your life.

Fishing is a great hobby to get out and enjoy the peace and quiet of the great outdoors.

Before planning a big weekend fishing trip out of town, check out why Coquitlam is the perfect place to catch some fish and have some fun.

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Their lakes are stocked with fish

Two of Coquitlam’s most popular lakes are swarming with rainbow trout, making them the ideal spot for urban fishing. Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC stocked both Lafarge Lake and Como Lake with 1,000 trout each.

fishing coquitlam
Photo: City of Coquitlam

It’s the perfect time to cast your line

May and June are among the best months for local fishing. Grab your fishing rod and take advantage of the fun activity while you can.

You don’t have to travel far

Lafarge Lake and Como Lake both have ample parking space and can be accessed by transit. Especially with the new Evergreen Line, it’s now even easier to get to Lafarge Lake.


They host awesome fishing events

Coquitlam will be hosting a few fun events including a Fishing Derby (May 28) at Como Lake, a Free Fishing Day (June 18) at Lafarge Lake, and a free Learn to Fish class for children and youth (May-June).

The stunning scenery

Last but not least, both Lafarge Lake and Como Lake are absolutely stunning. Get back to nature by appreciating the surroundings while you catch some fish.

BC freshwater sport fishing licenses are required for recreational lake fishing for those 16 and older. You can purchase them for $10 for the day at the Province of BC website.

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