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The Craziest Things People Did In The Snow This Week (VIDEOS)

craziest things people did in the snow

Photo: Jonnie P Daguno / Facebook

Metro Vancouver got a lot of snow this week and we got a list of the craziest things people did in the snow this week.

Some of these things were pretty hilarious to be honest, but others were simply dangerous.

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Let’s start with the driving.

Over in Richmond, a driver was spotted driving like this:

On Wednesday, someone in Vancouver decided they could also drive with their snow-covered car:

A limousine driver took a page out of The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift and pulled this off:

On Sunday evening, Jonnie P Daguno posted a video to Facebook that captures a taxi in Surrey being pushed up a snowy hill by a truck.

What’s hard to believe is that a passenger from the truck got on the front hood and helped push the truck with their feet. You can see that video here.

Some people decided to leave their cars at home and just ski. A video submitted to 604 Now shows a car pulling a person on skis through one of Richmond’s busiest streets Sunday night.

In another instance, a man is seen skiing on the streets of Victoria. The video also shows Morrison walking his dog, while making his way through the snowy conditions.


On a more serious note, Cst P Walker of the Abbotsford Police Department said that he caught people jumping on the very thin ice at Mill Lake Park.

He goes on to say that first responders would be putting their lives at risk to save anyone who might’ve fallen through.

According to Environment Canada, nothing but sunshine is forecasted for the Family Day long weekend and who knows what people will get up to this time.


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