The Cheapest Places To Travel From Vancouver This July

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Cheapest Places To Travel

While Metro Vancouver temperatures broke provincial records in early June, things have been a bit cooler of late. In fact, a recent weather forecast predicted thunderstorms, and the Lower Mainland saw rain and hail.

During times like these, the thought of glistening, white-sand beaches and clear blue skies is particularly enticing. As a result, many people are booking plane tickets to hotter destinations.

Alternatively, some people just like mixing up their regular routine with something out of the ordinary. Whether that means flying somewhere close to home, or across the globe, might not really matter.

Sadly, even some local travel is rather expensive. And, with the worst housing market in Canadian history, it isn’t always in the average Vancouverites’ budget.

If you are looking for somewhere to fly, but your pockets aren’t very deep, we’ve compiled a list of the cheapest places to jet to from the city this July.

Bon voyage, Vancouver!

Cheapest Places To Travel


Cheapest To Travel

Do you have under $200 to spend on a ticket, and the thought of carpooling makes you nauseous? Or, do you simply not have a car and need to getaway somewhere cheap? Visit Kelowna! Not only is this gem an absolute wine paradise, but it offers an array of activities to enjoy. With a beautiful, waterfront downtown area lined by soaring mountains, the city is the perfect backdrop for a relaxing getaway. The best part? Tickets are as little as $181 CAD return including tax this July.

Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta / Cheapest Places To Travel

Photo: Jeff Turner / Flickr

Puerto Vallarta is a positively vibrant destination. Whether you want to go zip lining in a lush jungle nearby, sip a delicious margarita poolside, shop in a colourful market, or eat a plethora of delectable tacos, Mexico has got got you covered. Best of all? A ticket to this wonderful retreat only costs $350 CAD return including tax.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas / Cheapest Places To Travel

Vegas is the best place isn’t just for bachelor or bachelorette parties its also a great place to go with a group of friends or family to get in some quality time together and cut loose. No matter what the occasion, there’s something that you’ll love. And, best of all, a ticket there will cost as little at $321 CAD this July. In fact, some packages that include hotel won’t cost much more, leaving you with more cash to kick up your heels!

San Diego

Orlando / Disney World / Cheapest Place to travel

If you’re sick of hitting up Los Angeles for a cheap flight, check out San Diego! This is the ideal place for a short getaway, where you can check out some of their legendary spas or just kick back by a pool. Alternatively, you may want to travel out to Walt Disney Land, because it is the happiest place on earth (according to some). Best part of all: tickets are under $400 CAD return including tax.


Cheappest Places To Travel

Craft beers, anyone? Portland has the answer. And, while this fun destination can be reached by car, the flight is very direct, short and sweet. What’s more, the city is nestled in one of the most beautiful states in the USA. In addition, you can drown in all of the unique craft beers and gourmet food trucks a person can possibly handle. The flight will only cost just over $300 CAD return.

New York City

NYC / Cheapest Places To Travel

There’s big cities, and then there’s New York. This sprawling metropolis has everything the heart desires: from high fashion to street dogs, underground hip-hop to broadway theatre, this city has offers a taste of virtually anything. Of course, iconic places like Rockefeller Center and the Statue of Liberty are must sees, but the city is alive with so much more. Also, tickets are just over $400 CAD return, so you’ll get to fly there for less than it usually costs to reach Toronto.

Looking for some fun things to do locally? Check out this comprehensive list of 101 things to do in Vancouver this summer!

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