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Cheapest Bars in Gastown

Cheapest Bars in Gastown

Do you want to grab a couple of drinks? Make sure to stop by some of these inexpensive Gastown bars for great deals and cheap drinks! Each of these bars has tons of different beers, cocktails, and spirits for you to choose from.


Cheapest Bars in Gastown

The Irish Heather is located at 210 Carrall Street. This pub has lagers that start at just  $6.25. Happy hour is everyday from 3pm to 6pm, and they have $5 Guinness, hot whiskey, and Irish coffee. Draughts start at only $7.


Malone’s is located at 608 West Pender Street. They’ve got different drink specials every night. Grab a domestic bottle of beer for only $5.25. Tequila or Firelball shots are only $4.25.


Six Acres is located at 203 Carrall Street. This pub serves bottles of lager and ales that rage in price from $6.25 to $7.25. Cocktails start at $6.75.  Gin and vodka start at $6.25, while rum costs just $5.25.


The Black Frog Eatery is located at 108 Cambie Street. Their daily drink specials include $4.75 sleeves of lagers and ales, $6.25 pints of Guinness. Coolers and ciders start at $5.75.


Cheapest Bars in Gastown

Gringo is located at 27 Blood Alley Square. They’ve got $3.50 sleeves of draft beer on special every day, and bourbon costs anywhere from $6 to $9. Margaritas start at only $6.


The Diamond is located at 6 Powell Street. Bottles and cans of beer at this bar start at just $4. They have a very diverse selection of cocktails that start at $9.


Revel Room is located at 238 Abbott Street. Draft beers are $6.50, and bottled beers start at just $6. Classic cocktails and other spirits start at $10, and Revel Originals rage from $9 to $13.


What else is cheap in Gastown? Let us know in the comments!



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