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If You Recently Used The Canada Line, Your Bank Card May Have Been Jeopardized

Translink / Card Skimmers

Photo: Translink / Facebook

While security has improved across Metro Vancouver transit, card skimmers were found at two Canada Line Stations.

In a release, Vancouver Police stated that the Vancouver City Centre and YVR Airport stations were targeted over the weekend. In particular, they said that the skimmers were active on Sunday, July 8th.

To steal your information, thieves instal a small device into the Compass Vending Machine. Consequently, they are able to capture the details from your card’s magnetic stripe and store it.

Of course, the device will also work in other machines, such as ATMs, or even scanners at grocery stores.

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Card Skimmers

Police note that the skimmers weren’t at the airport machines before Sunday; however, they are unsure of when the readers were installed at City Centre.

With that being said, they suspect the devices were installed at the airport in the morning until about 5 pm that day.

As a result, they urge anyone who may have rode the Canada Line recently to check with their financial institution.

Authorities haven’t stated how many cards have been jeopardized, and an investigation is underway.


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