12 Canadian Subscription Boxes That You Have To Try

12 Canadian Subscription Boxes That You Have To Try

While it may have originated in the United States, the subscription box craze that swept across our southern neighbours has spread to Canada.

The trend started back in 2010 when a company called Birchbox launched their first beauty subscription box. Since then, the trend has grown exponentially. As a win-win for both customer and business owner, it provides companies with the chance to “up-sell” products while consumers get to try myriad products for fraction of the price.

Indeed, it is one of the best gift ideas for practically any occasion. You can select from a whole array of themes and brands in a range of prices. What’s more, you can even subscribe to a few boxes, and then use individual orders as gifts so you never have to hustle last minute to find something.

Here are some of the most sought after subscription boxes in Canada.

Canadian Subscription Boxes

Vancity Box

Canadian Subscription Boxes

Photo: Vancity Box / Facebook

These local providers choose products from local companies right to your doorstep. You’ll get 5 to 8 selections, and each of them are fine, artisanal products from small companies. The boxes are $49.95 each, but they are valued at $80.

Meow Box

Canadian Subscription Boxes

Photo: Meowbox / Instagram

Why should cats be left out of the equation? This subscription for your furry feline companion has an assortment of goodies that they’ll love. They include toys and treats, and even the box itself is scented so that it becomes a fun toy for the cat! Boxes start at $27.95 for one month, but if you get 6 months the boxes are only $22.95 per month. This company is based out of Vancouver.

Ellebox Co

Canadian Subscription Boxes

Photo: ElleBox / Facebook

This box helps make the worst part of a woman’s month a little bit better. With a selection of tampons, comforting foods, and other wellness goodies, this Vancouver based company has got you covered on a monthly basis. Packages start at $12 per month.

Project Candy Box

Canadian Subscription Boxes

Photo: Project Candy Box / Facebook

Do you have a giant sweet tooth? This box is everything you’ve been dreaming of! For only $20 per month, you’ll get an array of delicious candy treats. There are two options: the mini candy box with 6-7 full size candies, or the original candy box with 10 – 12 full size candies. They are proudly made by Canadians for Canadians!

Creation Crate

Canadian Subscription Boxes

Photo: Creation Crate / Facebook

If you have always wondered how to build electronics, or are simply excited by the idea, then you’ll love creation crate. This imaginative offering is tech education in a box! Anyone interested in puzzles, lego, and building things in general will enjoy it. Boxes start at $29.99 per month.

Belly Bunches

Canadian Subscription Boxes

Photo: Bully Sticks / Facebook

Bully sticks are completely free-range, grass-fed cattle snacks for your beloved canine companion. They contain no chemicals, preservatives, or growth hormones. There are two size options for 5: 6’ sticks or 12’ Sticks. The boxes start at $19.95 a month.

Wine Collective Box

Canadian Subscription Boxes

Photo WineCollective / Facebook

Starting at $57.24 for 2 specially selected wines delivered right to your door, this box for vino drinkers is a must. From there, you can choose to get boxes that contain 4 or 6, and chose to get even more upscale selections. With tasting cards, members only pricing, and professionally curated

Canada Craft Club

Canadian Subscription Boxes

Photo: Canada Craft Club / Facebook

While it is a Canadian company, this amazing craft beer box allows you to sample brews from all across the globe. So, when you grow weary of sipping the watered down classics, it is a great way to sample international variety. Boxes start at $34.95 and go up to $125.95.

Carnivore Club

Canadian Subscription Boxes

Photo: Carnivore Club / Facebook

This is the ideal box for anyone craving a bit of extra protein in their life. With four to six offerings of fine meats from artisans across Canada, they are a delicious, high-quality product. Carnivore Club is $50 per month.

Bakers Krate

Canadian Subscription Boxes

Photo: Bakers Krate / Facebook

Professional Canadian bakers take the work out of baking so you get to do the fun part – eating! Made from high quality ingredients in a variety of different styles and flavours, these are the perfect gift for yourself or someone that loves yummy baked goods. Packages start at $17.99.

Jule’s Wellness Lifestyle Box

Canadian Subscription Boxes

Photo: Jules Lifestyle Company / Facebook

These health-conscious snacks and lifestyle products provide a wide selection of nutritious foods. What’s more, the products are vegan, gluten-free, and environmentally conscious. Boxes start at $34.32 per month.


Canadian Subscription Boxes

Photo: Topbox / Facebook

Boxes of these deluxe beauty samples start at only $12 per month; however, they do involve a lengthier sign up process. This Canadian company provides an array beauty products from brands like Aveda, Givenchy, Elizabeth Arden and many more.

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