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This Fried Chicken & Charcoal Waffle Dish Gets Its Colour From Squid Ink

cafe la foret

Photo: Cafe La Foret/Instagram

This trendy bakery needs to be your new hangover cure go-to. Cafe La Foret is known for their brunch and this new fried chicken and waffle dish really hits the spot.

It features crispy buttermilk fried chicken and a black waffle topped with maple syrup and a dusting of icing sugar. The waffle gets its colour by using squid ink.

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Other brunch favourites include: a bulgogi platter, a croissant breakfast sandwich and Oreo waffles, just to name a few. They even have a sausage platter with five different kinds of sausage with house-made wasabi mayo, two eggs, toast with jam, balsamic almond & cranberry salad and oven roasted potatoes.

If you’re craving something sweet to follow—have Bingsoo, a popular Korean dessert consisting of shaved ice that uses milk instead of water. The eatery has a wide variety of flavours: original, green tea, mango, Injeolmi and strawberry.


Cafe La Foret

Where: 6848 Jubilee Avenue, Burnaby

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