The Best Places to Paddle Board in the Greater Vancouver Area

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You don’t have to venture far from the city to go to a great paddle boarding destination. We have named five and I’m willing to bet one of them will be within 15 minutes for you.

Paddle Boarding is one of the few outdoor activities that activates muscles from your whole body. The best part in all of that is that it’s completely fun and does not feel like a workout whatsoever! While it can take some adjusting to stand up on a paddle board it’s very rewarding when you do get the hang of it.

Here are the Top 5 Destinations to paddle board within the Vancouver area: 

Paddle Board Near Vancouver

Jericho Beach

Standing on a paddle board while facing the city of Vancouver nestled in the mountains is truly a remarkable view. And to make it even more worth it there’s sandy beach that spans for about a mile. It is also a lower traffic area which makes it a great place to learn. You can rent some at Windsure Adventure Sports.

White Pine Beach

If you are learning to paddle board for the first time White Pine Beach is the perfect place to start. It’s calm and isolated waters makes it ideal for beginners because the waves would be very minimal. Located just north of Port Moody White Pine Beach is located on Sasamat Lake. If you do not have any gear you can always rent some from Rocky Point Kayak Centre for the day.

White Rock Beach

With rentals on both East and West Beach readily available White Rock is a fantastic destination to paddle board when the weather is calm. On a calm day often times you can see the ocean floor as you are paddling along seeing baby halibut and flat fish scampering away from you as you paddle towards the pier . I used to rent at Feral Boardsports but I have since got my own paddle board. Towards 4 pm and later Feral will let you go out for longer than you paid.

Deep Cove

Deep Cove is one of the best areas to do paddle sports in the whole greater Vancouver area for various reasons. It features a unique blend of coastal mountains with a bustling waterfront community and waterfront properties all surrounded by trees. The best place to rent some paddle boards would be Deep Cove Kayak Centre. They have both lessons and rentals for beginners.

Kitsilano Beach

Kitsilano is a great beach area that is very close to English Bay and the surrounding Vancouver waterfront. If you wanted to tour Vancouver and its beaches for the day Kitsilano is a great place to launch off of. You can rent some paddle boards at Vancouver Water Adventures.


This is a guest post submitted by Derek Lance. Derek is an avid Kayaker and Paddle boarder that likes to explore the water ways of Vancouver and British Columbia! When he is not on the water he is contributing to his review and informal website Some of his other interests include Business, Ice Hockey and Motorsports.

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