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Best of ScanBC Police Tweets From April 2018

April showers bring dirty and dumb people out to play? It’s the month that brings us everything from Easter to Vaisakhi to 4/20 and everything in between. Here are some cringe worthy law enforcement tweets from April 2018:

Happy April Fools’ Day!?

Parallel Parking

Beats talking to a wall..


Shadow Monster

Netflix/Stranger Things

Halloween or adult role playing?

Not Holy

Welcome to the neighborhood

This victim needs Justice

The (Expensive) Need for Speed

Even the kids know better

VPD Canines hate flees

In other news…

ScanBC is BC’s online radio scanning community. The community collects and shares information from police scanners and posts headlines to Twitter and Facebook. Emergency Communications for British Columbia Inc., or E-Comm, has made the switch from old analogue radios to a new encrypted system which scrambles broadcasts. The move was designed to protect sensitive information such as medical conditions or addresses as well as safeguard first responders from criminals listening in. Some broadcasts in certain jurisdictions remain unscrambled.

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