Where To Get The Best Eggnog Treats In Vancouver


Nothing says the Christmas season is among us than a glass of eggnog.

Whether you like it cold, hot, spiked or not, it’s the perfect holiday treat to indulge in.

The rich and creamy dairy-based beverage usually consists of milk, cream, sugar, whipped egg whites, yolks and topped off with some cinnamon or nutmeg.

There are many takes on the classic favourite to try around the city, including some dessert items too.

The Best Eggnog Treats In Vancouver


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Obviously the coffee chain puts out a lot of seasonal beverages and their Eggnog Latte is one everyone looks forward to sipping on each year.

Earnest Ice Cream

The popular dessert joint is picking up on the holiday trend with their ice cream, only they’re also adding in some rum flavouring to give it a bit of a kick. The spicy and boozy blend has hints of nutmeg, vanilla and rum.


Get the ultimate holiday treat at Cupcakes on Broadway with a creamy eggnog latte complete with a cupcake (chocolate, vanilla or red velvet).

Reflections Winter Patio

Perhaps the most Christmas-y spot you can find in the city. They also serve up an amazing rum and eggnog cocktail.

Beta 5 Chocolates

Their spiked eggnog creampuff is everything! The holiday treat is as delicious as it is cute. Give it a try at 413 Industrial Avenue.

Looking for more sweet treats in Metro Vancouver? Check out the Nestle Toll House Café or this 15-layer crepe cake.

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