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B.C Police’s Strategy To Bust Driver’s Using Cellphones

Just because you can’t see a police car around you doesn’t mean there not there! Police have come up with new strategies to track down on vehicle drivers who make calls or text’s of their cell phones. One of the new strategies is definitely a slick one, read the example below:

” A casual man stands at the corner of intersections, waiting to cross the street keeping a sharp eye out for drivers on their phones. If he identifies someone he quickly relays the car colour and model to other police officers waiting up the street.

A police officer(hidden) then immediately shows himself on the street and waves at the particular car to pull over and fines them with a ticket of $167 and three penalty points on their insurance.

There were 32,000 last year tracked down by police and this year alone 1,287 tickets in the first couple months of 2011.

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