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B.C. Couple’s Float Home ‘Freedom Cove’ Is Literally Everything

Photo: GoToTofino

One B.C. couple has given a completely new meaning to ‘retirement home.’

It took them 24-years to fully create their own island—which they’ve lived on ever since it was first built in 1992. The 12-platform float home is located in the scenic Cypress Bay, located northeast of Tofino.

Appropriately named ‘Freedom Cove,’ the little slice of heaven offers them peace, privacy, and bliss.

It’s a magical place where they can live out their ‘golden years’ doing the things they love.

Both in their 60’s, Wayne Adams and Catherine King keep themselves busy—he, as an artist and carver, and she, as a painter, writer, dancer, and musician.

Photo: GoToTofino
Photo: GoToTofino

Their humble abode is rather impressive with five greenhouses, an art gallery, a firepit, a studio, a dance floor, a generator shed and a lighthouse tower for guests.

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What makes their living situation even more special is that they live off the land. They get their drinking water from a waterfall in the Summer and from rainwater in the Winter. As for food, they eat whatever King grows in her garden and whatever Adams manages to catch in the ocean.

Photo: GoToTofino
Photo: GoToTofino

From June to September, the couple allow visitors to come out and tour the area to learn about their unique way of living.

Check out this amazing video footage of ‘Freedom Cove’ posted by Now This.

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