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Americans Are Exploiting a Loophole To Enter Canada and Avoid Hotel Quarantine

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Despite all the restrictions to control international travel, it seems people are finding ways around it.

It turns out there is a hotel quarantine loophole that both Americans and Canadians traveling abroad are using. Both air and land travellers into Canada require a negative COVID-19 test, however only air travellers are required to do a 3-day hotel quarantine.

So all you have to do is take a U.S. taxi or limousine ride across the land border. Because the hotel quarantine rule only applies to air travel, there is a boom in this mode of travel.

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The Loophole To Avoid Hotel Quarantine

This loophole has caused business for taxi and limousine services to rise. Some US companies have said they are making more money now driving Canadians to their homes than with their US clients.

Though it sounds extreme, A taxi trip across the border can cost around $200 – $250 USD, whereas a 3-day hotel stay costs $1,200 CAD or more.

As a result, it appears that many limousine companies have now added this to their list of services to try and maximize earnings. In the US, there is a high demand seen for this.

How Many Are Using This?

According to the Canada Border Services Agency, land border crossing were up 60% in one week at the end of March. Air travel for that week had also increased 18.8%.

The boom of US taxis coming in has primarily been seen coming from New York to Quebec or Ontario. However, one US company has reported transporting a Canadian couple that had vacationed in Florida back home. Some people are taken across the border, while others have been dropped off and crossed on foot.

Either way, it can come to an end as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau may take further action at the land border.


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