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Amazing Race Canada Confirmed For Next Summer

After a long anticipated wait, Canada is finally getting their own version of the “Amazing Race” which will air next summer.

In the show, competitors race around the world as they try to avoid elimination and compete for prizes. CTV says the “Canuck version” will be entirely set in Canada, with competitors racing through various destinations across the country. “The Amazing Race Canada” will be produced by the Toronto-based Insight Productions, a comapny who has brought other reality spinoffs to Vancouverincluding “Canadian Idol,” “Canada’s Got Talent” and the upcoming “Big Brother Canada.”

Summer seems like a great time for the show to air as well considering other shows recorded across the country usually display scenes from our fall & winter months. Being an adventurous show, it will show the rest of the world what Canada has to offer in a unique glimpse of the broad and diverse landscape and culture, while maintaining all of the excitement, spontaneity and challenge inherent of The Race.

We will be announcing casting, locales, the host and other details in the coming months so stay tuned!

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