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Surrey Thieves Stole 9 Cars In 2 Weeks After People Left Keys In Ignition


Once considered the “car theft capital of North America,” the City of Surrey has experienced a drastic decline in the number of stolen cars.

Nevertheless, many vehicles are stolen in the area, and it still has an auto-theft issue. For this reason, it isn’t wise to leave your vehicle unattended, let alone with the keys in the ignition. Sadly, it is happening all too much.

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Keys in the Ignition: Easy Targets for Thieves

Surrey RCMP sent out a warning regarding the issue, cautioning drivers that a cold car beats a stolen one. They remark how people often leave their car unattended on a cold morning, but thieves are watching.

“Property crime thieves specifically look for these opportunities to drive away with your vehicle. The comfort of a warm car is not worth the inconvenience of a stolen one.”

Police often see an increase in certain types of property crime during the winter months, as well as weather related and pedestrian involved traffic collisions. Owing this, people are advised to stay alert during bad weather and practice caution.

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