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10 Popular Places to Spend Your Weekend In Vancouver

10 Popular Places to Spend Your Weekend In Vancouver

10 Popular Places to Spend Your Weekend In Vancouver

If there’s one thing no city can beat, it’s a warm summer weekend in Vancouver. Our city offers everything you can imagine which ironically makes it hard to choose your next plan. Whether you’re a local or tourist, you’ll want to visit each of the following spots at least once this summer.

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10 Popular Places to Spend Your Weekend In Vancouver

1. English Bay Beach

This first item is totally dependent on the type of weather mother nature is offering at the time. When it’s s sunny and warm, English Bay could be the most crowded area in all of Vancouver. When it is raining and gloomy, it can be turned into a complete ghost town. Whether it is bike riding, rollerblading, going for a stroll, or just catching some sun rays, English Bay is a must on the weekend.

2. Granville Island

Located across False Creek and downtown Vancouver, Granville Island offers a tremendous variety of activities, and food to check out. In the early 1900’s Granville Island was home to huge factories, but today it is completely changed and now has become a tourist hotspot. Its main attraction is the public market which boasts a variety of fresh produce, baked goods, and vendors that will surely please everyone’s imagination. Besides the public market, Granville Islands boasts numerous cafe’s and restaurants, 2 local breweries to grab a drink while watching the beautiful scenery, live entertainment such as those performed by Arts Club Theatre Company, and many shopping options to grab a souvenir. Granville Island is a must be place on any given weekend as there is always something different to discover!

3. Whistler

Located approximately 125 kilometers north of Vancouver, Whistler offers a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of busy Vancouver, while not having to travel too far. Whether you enjoy bike riding, canoeing, kayaking, or just want to have a little get away with some friends or family, Whistler offers something to everyone to enjoy. With a worldwide reputation that was evident before the 2010 winter Olympics, but further bolstered after it as well, Whistler is home to tourists from all over the world who come to see its natural beauty and enjoy all the extraordinary activities it has to offer its visitors

4. Kitsilano Beach

Just like English Bay, this one is totally weather dependent. On a warm sunny day, Kitsilano Beach offers a great relaxing place to catch a nice tan, while enjoying the countless gorgeous women taking in one of Vancouver’s premier attractions during the weekend. Located just outside of downtown, Kitsilano offers a more laid back, relaxed feeling without the constant noise of downtown traffic. Kitsilano beach offers a beach volleyball area, 2 full sized basketball courts, and many food options nearby such as Boathouse restaurant when you work up an appetite.

5. Vancouver Aquarium

Vancouver’s newly renovated aquarium is a top notch attraction to check out any weekend. The Vancouver Aquarium is Canada’s largest aquarium and has over 50,000 animals, and unique sights for guests of all ages to take part in. The aquarium is an ideal destination for families, and there are tours, and activities planned throughout the day for everyone to find something they will remember. Hours of operation are 10 am-5 pm, and in the summer is open 9:30 am-6pm. The aquarium also has an adults only after hours event, which will take place sometime during the Fall of 2014 where adults can enjoy the exhibits without worrying about any children to watch after while enjoying a glass of wine or beer.

6. Robson Street

Calling all shoppers! I repeat calling all shoppers! Robson street is one of Vancouver’s premier shopping districts, and offers stores for all types of shoppers. Names such as Nike, Adidas, Below the Belt, Aritzia, Zara, Holt Renfrew, Club Monaco, and Banana Republic are just a few among the many. There is so much to shop for and discover that it could possibly take more than one day to get everything off your checklist! Besides shopping, Robson street is home to many restaurants and coffee shops where you can sit down and relax after all that crazy shopping.

7. Steveston Village

Located in Richmond, Steveston Village provides the perfect little getaway from all the hustle and bustle of Vancouver without really going too far. Steveston Village offers a variety of coffee shops, restaurants, and ice cream shops to satisfy everyone’s taste buds. Being a fishing village, Steveston’s fish and chips is some of the best you will find in Vancouver. Local favorites include Pajo’s Fish N Chips and The Shady Island. After you satisfy your taste buds with some finger licking good seafood, you can take a stroll along the docks where pets are more than welcomed to join you, or go relax on the sand at Gary Point, where conveniently Pajo’s Fish N Chips is located. A weekend where you can grab some fish n chips and enjoy it on the beach while taking in the cool summer breeze sounds like the perfect weekend to me.

8. The Granville Strip

Are you a party animal? Love to go party all night and not worry about the consequences the next morning? If so the Granville Strip is the perfect place to enjoy your weekend. Loaded with bars, and night clubs that are sure to be rocking all weekend long with some of the best jams out there, there is a 100% chance you will be enjoying yourself with some good company. Some of the bars and night clubs located on Granville street include The Lennox Pub, The Morrissey Pub, Famous Warehouse, Caprice night club, Venue Night club, and Joseph Richards night club. For your convenience, here is our Best brunch spots in Vancouver to cure your hangover guide, we’re sure it’ll come in handy the next day.

9. Splashdown Water Park

Can there be any better way to cool down on a hot sunny day then to go swimming? Splashdown Water Park offers the perfect escape from the hot weather, and is a top attraction located in Tsawwassen just a few minutes away from the Ferry Terminal. With over 20 attractions to check out at this amazing water park, it offers something for everyone of all ages. For the older kids there are much bigger, higher, and faster slides to please the daredevil inside of you, while there are also mild, smaller slides for the more younger children who want to enjoy playing in the water. Either way there is something for everyone to explore at Splashdown!

10. Richmond Night Market

If you are one to try out new foods, and see and learn about new cultures, while looking for a bargain, the Richmond Night market is your place to be on the weekend. Open Friday, Saturday, and Sundays, the Richmond Night Market is infused with delicious food vendors from all over the word including the Philippines, China, Taiwan, Japan. Besides the delicious food, vendors sell clothing, phone cases, DVDs, sunglasses, kids toys, shoes, and many more items. Additionally the Richmond night market is a tremendous platform for young local talent to show their skills with performances displaying dancing, singing, and magic tricks. As well the night market is conveniently located along side The Canada Line, within walking distance of the Bridgeport sky train station. So if you are ever bored on a weekend, and want to step into a melting pot of cultures, the Richmond Night Market is the place to go!


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Written by: Hammed Amiri

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