Vancouver Police Van Hits Helmetless Cyclist (VIDEO)

Vancouver Police Van

A video uploaded to Twitter shows a Vancouver Police van hitting a cyclist along Great Northern Way near the Emily Carr School of Design.

The video was posted on Monday afternoon and has created quite the controversy online among people.

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As the video begins, which is just 3 seconds long, it shows a male riding a BMX bike without a helmet suddenly going onto the road. The cyclist drops his bike to avoid a car in the far left lane, but ends up being hit by a Vancouver Police van in the nearest lane.

The cyclist gets tossed forward and lands on his back in the middle of the road.

As you might expect, this incident has created quite the debate about cyclists and how they ride on local streets.

According to Vancouver lawyer Kyla Lee, the “cyclist here is committing a number of offences”.

It’s not known at this moment if the cyclist has been charged by police or not.

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