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3-Wheeled Pickup Does Donut On Highway, Driver-Police Foot-Chase Ensues

Delta Highway

Photo: 6ixbuzztv / Instagram

A highway in Delta was the scene of a jaw-dropping driver-related recently.

The incident involved a navy-blue pickup truck that was spotted with its back-left wheel missing.

A driver a few cars back decided to follow the pickup truck, while the passenger captured footage of the encounter.

After the driver of the tailing vehicle notes that “[the driver of the pickup] is going on the highway”, the pickup truck suddenly does a large donut in the middle of the road.

In the video, acquired by 6ixbuzztv, the highway is identified as being in Delta. 604 Now was able to identify the location as the area near Nordel Way and the Highway 91 Connector.

On the highway, the driver then swerves a little bit, before making a full u-turn on the highway, while still remaining on the same side of the road. A Ford Mustang in the adjacent lane is forced to brake to avoid t-boning the pickup truck.

The pickup then reverses, straightens out, and proceeds down the highway, going the wrong direction, driving past the tailing car that was filming. Sparks from the exposed rim being dragged on the road are clearly visible.

As the pickup drives down the highway, it heads straight towards a police vehicle, before swerving away at the last minute, and then coming to a stop.

The footage then cuts to the driver of the pickup running on-foot before two officers approach the man to subdue him.


Here’s the full video:


Be alert and stay safe when you’re on the road, Vancouver.

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