Vancouver Fire Halls Offering Free Salt On January 4

Vancouver Fire Halls Offering Free Salt On January 4

On Wednesday, January 4, 10 fire halls across the city of Vancouver will be distributing free salt to residents between 9:00 am and 8:00 pm.

Supply will be limited, so residents are asked to take only as much as they need. Residents are also asked to bring their own bucket(s) and shovel(s), with a maximum of two buckets per household or business.

City officials and fire crews are hoping to provide enough salt to help people clear their sidewalks and driveways.


In return for the free salt, people are asked to consider making a donation to local charities.

Vancouver fire halls offering free salt on January 4, 2017:

  • Fire Hall #3 – 2801 Quebec Street
  • Fire Hall #4 – 1475 W. 10th Avenue
  • Fire Hall #7 – 1090 Haro Street
  • Fire Hall #12 – 2460 Balaclava Street
  • Fire Hall #13 – 4013 Prince Albert Street
  • Fire Hall #14 – 2804 Venables Street
  • Fire Hall #15 – 3003 E. 22nd Avenue
  • Fire Hall #17 – 7070 Knight Street
  • Fire Hall #19 – 4396 W. 12th Avenue
  • Fire Hall #22 – 1005 W. 59th Avenue

Whether you decide to pick-up the free salt or not, it’s advised you should clean up around your property immediately.

The city of Vancouver has currently employed additional staff to enforce clean-up warnings and fines.

Fines start at $75.

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  • MsBAF

    Wow city is quick to fine people, passing the buck again. Just so you know, a lot of us are unable to clear sidewalk, due to physical problems and the fact that the ice is like cement. Perhaps instead you could send people out to help these people instead of slapping a fine on them. We do pay property taxes you know…perhaps if you had done your job in the first place we wouldn’t be in this position now.

  • Ha Ha Ha. Big joke by the city of Vancouver. The salt was supposed to distributed until 8 PM today, Wednesday, but I heard on Surrey’s RedFm radio that salt was finished even before 11 AM. This is an example how Metro Vancouver cities are playing with their citizens.
    “Free salt by city of Vancouver”. Big deal! Vancouver has a $1.644 Billion cash which it is keeping as “investments”. This money belongs to the citizens of Vancouver.
    What are the citizens getting from tons of their money. Complete disregard of their safety by the cities?
    Other cities also have truck loads of cash, being kept as “investments”.See the numbers yourself.

  • Clearing sidewalks should be the responsibility of cities. They tons of cash with them which actually belongs to the citizens. They should hire contractors to clear the side walks. Cities have over $6 Billion cash with them. What good is that money if it can’t be spent on citizens safety.
    Cities are collecting cash from taxpayers, and keeping the money in the bank, and ignoring citizens’ interests.

  • MsBAF

    Totally agree with you re: Vision…they are hoarding our money for more important stuff…probably investing it and getting interest!

  • For safe investment, there’s not much return these days. As for interest, it may be around 1%. Is it better than risking the safety of citizens? If there’s a sick child and some prescription medicine is needed, Do you think parents will keep their money in the bank, and let the child die for lack of treatment?
    You are right. They are “hoarding” our money, not “managing” it.