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Thousands Of Compass Users Charged After Forgetting To Tap Out

Has The Compass Card Lost Direction?

Have you been forgetting to “tap out” with your compass pass after transit trips? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one.

Translink is reporting that thousands of people were charged for additional zones traveled last week after forgetting to tap out of the transit system. The result? Over 700 calls requesting fare adjustments between November 1, 2015 to November 5, 2015 alone.

Most calls were from one or two-zone monthly pass holders who were charged too much after failing to tap out at the completion of their trip. This forced Translink to make nearly 3,000 adjustments and refund over $7,000 to transit users.

The sudden surge of complaints comes after Tranlink’s official roll out of the compass pass, and smart card, which made its debut on November 2nd. Both cards require holders to tap in, and tap out on the skytrain, Canada Line, SeaBus, and West Coast Express.

While Translink has been promoting the new cards for quite some time, the actual process of tapping in and out seems like a lot of work compared to the previous system, which simply meant ensuring your card is with you while using the service.

The new system is slightly easier on the bus however, as you are only required to tap in. Translink lifted the tapping out policy on buses after making all routes one zone.

Translink notes that a big element around the current phase-in period problem is that most gates at stations remain locked open, and don’t force people to tap out to get through the gate and exit a station – something they plan to change soon.

In the meantime, and to save yourself a call to Translink, it’s important to remember to tap out. If you don’t, Translink’s system will automatically deduct zones and take them from your balance, and ultimately may potentially display “insufficient fares” the next time you tap in. You can check your current balance online or at Compass vending machines.


Image via Translink

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