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Best Places to Find Nutella Baked Goods in Vancouver

Nutella Baked Good in Vancouver

If you’re like us, you used to take a spoon to a Nutella jar and treat yourself on the daily.

While Vancouver may not have a Nutella Cafe (yet), that doesn’t mean you can’t splurge in Nutella baked goodness in the style of a delicious pastry.

Below are the best places to hit up and get your fix of the hazelnut-heaven.

Café Crepe

Crepes are probably one of the best desserts EVER discovered. But imagine filling that delicate pastry with some creamy Nutella. That’s exactly what Café Crepe offers with their amazing Nutella Crepes. They even fill their fancy crepe with Bananas. You’ll adore them just as much as our bellies do.


Dose Espresso Bar

We love Nutella and we love coffee. Imagine blending the two together. That’s exactly what Dose Espresso Bar does with their Nutella Latte. If you want to drink your chocolate and eat it too, hit them up.


Nutella Baked Goods Have Returned To Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons

The commercials and bus ads don’t lie: These pastries are filled with the sweetness of Nutella without a hefty price. And the best part – you can order these tasty treats on the go through their drive-thru! They offer cookies, croissants and mini Nutella bites. We adore the cookies more than life itself, so be sure to order some soon.


Novo Pizzeria & Wine Bar

Pizza has easily become all the rage these days. Can you imagine pairing the beautiful pie with Nutella goodness, too? Enjoy Novo’s Nutella Cheesecake after your favourite pizza. If you love cheesecake and Nutella, you will go to heaven after eating Novo’s take on the fancy cake.


Pazzo Chow

Ever had Rosemary Focaccia Bread with Nutella? You’re in for a revelation when you pop into Pazzo Chow. They blend their sweets with some flavourful, traditional Italian-style bread that will wow your tastebuds.


Bella Gelataria

As an honorary Italian, I love me some gelato. Mix that creamy goodness with Nutella and you’re sure to find your new favourite chocolately treat. Gelato is much creamier than your typical ice cream. So imagine devouring a delicious Nutella cold cone. You’ll be begging for seconds.


These are just a few of the hot spots that we’ve found that offer NUTTY good Nutella treats that we give our 604 Now stamp of approval to. Have we missed one of your favourites? Be sure to comment below!


Written by Crystal Scuor

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