Man Trying To Take A Picture Falls 150 Feet Down BC Waterfall

Man Trying To Take A Picture

A man trying to take a picture is lucky to be alive after falling 150 feet down a waterfall.

On Sunday, August 5th, the North Westside Fire Department, Kelowna Fire Department, BC Ambulance Service, as well as Vernon Search and Rescue werer called to Fintry Falls provincial park to rescue an individual that had fallen.

The man was attempting to take a photo when he dropped his phone.  Upon reaching for it, the man fell forward, tumbling an incredible 150 feet down.

In response, his friends and family immediately called 911. Miraculously, he landed in the middle pool with very little injury.

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Man Trying Take A Picture

Man Trying To Take A Picture

Photo: Vernon Search And Rescue Group Society

While everyone is relieved that the man is safe, not everyone thinks his actions were very wise.

“Hope the “likes” his pic gets on his Instagram feed were worth it,” comments one Facebook user.

“We need to start a special agency dedicated to the prevention of death and injury by cell phone!!” states another.

Rescuer and subject are circled in yellow at bottom of below picture; the red circle indicates the place where the man attempted to take the picture on his phone and fell.

Man Trying To Take A Picture

Photo: Vernon Search And Rescue Group Society

Vernon search and rescue added that they would like to remind everyone to always play safe, and be very careful.

Also, people are reminded never to try and build their own trail while hiking. Not only is this dangerous, but it could land you with a $10,000 fine as well as jail time.

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