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Langley Resident’s Touching Story About Homeless Man Goes Viral

Jesse Lesewick

Photo: Chad MacLeod

Chad MacLeod, a resident of Langley, shared a touching story on Facebook about a homeless man who he encountered on the corner of Highway 10 and Fraser Highway on a meridian.

The post has gone viral on Facebook since MacLeod shared it on August 12th, with over 3,700 shares and close to 400 comments.


Macleod purchased the man, Jesse Lesewick a meal at Tim Hortons and sat with him while he heard a little bit about his hardship. The man described his painful struggle with addiction and the road that led him to homelessness.

At the end of the post Macleod urges the public to reach out and help Lesewick on the road to recovery in any way possible.

You can read the full story by scrolling below the photo, or clicking here.

PLEASE READ AND SHARE (Please share) Meet Jesse Lesewick. He was standing on the Meridian on the corner of Highway10 and Fraser Highway with a sign that said “Hungry and homeless” and had his head bowed down and looked a little unbalanced.

I couldn’t stop at the light so turned around and pulled into the Esso gas station with the Tim Hortons across from Willowbrook mall. He was in traffic on the Meridian so I yelled over to him to come across the road and he appeared to painfully run/walk across the road while traffic honked at him.

We ordered something at the Tim Horton’s and Jesse stood there talking to me while the food was sitting there for a couple minutes and I could tell he felt a little awkward grabbing it from the counter so I grabbed it and put it on one of the tables. He sat down and I continued to talk to him about his life and why he was in his current situation.

It turns out that Jesse had Kidney and Liver failure approx. 2 years ago and almost died in a coma and was on life support. He also lost his home, cars, family and everything he owned in the last 5 years due to addiction. He has a 14 year old boy and doesn’t see him now . He is only 35 years old and continues to have Kidney and Liver issues and isn’t sure if he will live much longer because he get’s infections and other skin issues due to his condition. He has trouble walking and says sometimes it is really hard to get up in the morning because his body is still in pretty rough shape.

I ask that you please share this with everyone you know in Langley or anywhere for that matter …everyone on your Facebook so we can make this go viral. If you have specialists in your family or anyone who can help this guy try to heal himself fully please share with that person and who knows maybe a miracle will happen for this young man. He is currently on the corner of Highway 10 and Fraser highway but I am sure someone who really wants to find him can do so. If you see him, do what you can to help him.

Jesse was a cool guy…I hope he get’s some good medical help from someone that is really generous with their gifts and one day he is off the street and uses his life to inspire others to never give up.

It was nice to meet you Jesse Lesewick. Thank you for sharing your story.
Chad MacLeod

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