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Is Manny Malhotra’s Career In Jeopardy?

Starting off the year already without Ryan Kesler, and David Booth, the Canucks announced last week that Centre Manny Malhotra would be placed on the IR and would be out for the rest of the season including the playoffs.

The reason behind the Canucks decision was Malhotra’s long term health. Malhotra was hit in the left eye by a puck during a game against the Colorado Avalanche during a regular season game on March 16, 2011. He missed the rest of the season, but made a courageous comeback in the teams Stanley Cup Finals match versus the Boston Bruins. Malhotra finished last season 4th in the league in face-off percentage, and was winning 65.3% of his face-offs this year.

So why put him on the IR for the rest of the season? Far more important than a shortened NHL season, Malhotra’s career is at jeopardy. After having numerous surgeries during the off season, Malhotra continues to have limited vision in his left eye. From a fan who it pains to see any player go down with an injury, it pains me even more to seea classy professional like Manny Malhotra have his hockey career possibly in jeopardy.

I am sure all Canucks fan feel the same way when I say we all wish you a speedy recovery Manny.

Written by: Hamed Amiri

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