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Health Tips: How To Stay Young Look Young

Face it, we have all tried something crazy or whacky to look our best, and look young. Thanks to magazines there is new crazy formula’s that come out every weekend and never end up working, or you just quit because you don’t see results. The best way, is the simple way:

1. Maintaining weight: This may be a regurgitated fact, but most of us know that after we reach 20 years old, out metabolic rate decreases by approximately 2 % each decade. This may not seem like a lot, but as you get older it will add up. So even though you may feel that you are happy with your body right now, I recommend that you continue hitting up the gym, even if it is only once or twice a week. This will increase your metabolic rate, in which you will be able to eat the same foods, and avoid gaining maximum amounts of weight. Keeping weight gain under control is of vital importance, my number one tip in reversing aging is to keep up with exercise.

2. Cellulite: This is a major problem in women, and is known to really bring down one’s self-confidence. Those who think that only surgery will get rid of cellulite are wrong. For starters cellulite arises with age or weight gain; this is when the fat becomes trapped within the connective tissue, resulting in what appears to look like dimples – but not the kind of dimples you would want! Exercising and eating healthy will help the body to burn fat, which will diminish the look of cellulite. Certain exercises which have been proven to be effective in decreasing the appearance of cellulite are: butt kicks, squats, lunges, using the treadmill (on high incline), as well as swimming. Cellulite will only get worse with age, so if you start to reduce the effects of it now, you won’t have the saggy skin appearance later in life. Also, keep in mind that cellulite is not curable, you are only able to minimize it. Don’t bother wasting your money on cellulite treatments. Although treatments may be successful in lessening the appearance of cellulite, it will only reappear without the presence of a healthy work out and diet.

3. Skin: Exercise is probably one of the best ways to get your skin to look healthy now, as well as in the future. When you exercise you get your blood flowing, and blood will carry oxygen to all parts of your body – including your skin. Exercising is a type of detoxification for the skin, and allows your pores to open up. Many females wonder if makeup will be detrimental in the long run. It simply depends on the type of makeup one is using, and how effectively a face wash is being applied. Makeup contains a lot of chemicals, and the reason why some girls may break out after using liquid foundation is because they usually contain ingredients which cause inflammation of the skin, and this results in acne. So if you have acne prone skin it is beneficial to use mineral makeup because it contains ingredients such as micro-ionized titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, and hydrated silica and these are anti-inflammatory agents, which won’t cause you to break out. They also don’t have dyes or perfumes which will be beneficial for you in the long run. Your skin may seem fine now, but if you’re someone who applies makeup everyday, the chemicals in liquid foundation will really effect you as you age. However, this effect can sufficiently minimized by using a high quality face wash, along with a toner for cleansing after make up applications. Toner is important in the long-run because it will get rid of all the excess makeup which was missed by your cleanser.

4. Hair: Long flowy hair is a desire for many women, and even some men. Again, exercise is the best way to achieve this! Hair growth is stimulated when the follicles in your hair are nourished. With your blood flowing during exercise, your hair cells are sure to get a good nourishing with all the nutrients that fill your fresh flowing blood. When you don’t have this blood flowing and your follicles are not receiving nutrients, that is when your hair becomes brittle. So when your sweating at the gym it’s not a bad thing! What about thermal damage, aka hair straightening, blow drying or curling your hair? Your hair is composed of the protein keratin, and when you are curling, blow drying, or straightening your hair, this protein is denatured and this causes thermal damage; meaning your hair cells are dead, which is not reversible until new hair begins to grow. This process can, however, be prevented with the use of heat protecting products. Try finding products which are high in silicone, silicone is low in toxicity and has low chemical reactivity. Silicone based products will assist in reducing frizziness, but more importantly seals the hair cuticle and prevents damage from occurring! Shampooing and conditioning your hair 2 or 3 times a week is also necessary, as shampoos and conditioners both contain properties which prevent hair damage. Washing your hair everyday is not a good thing. Your hair produces a serum, which is what makes your hair oily. This serum contains keratin, which promotes hair growth and also protects your hair from damage. However, not ever washing your hair even worse, since oil can build up in your hair follicles and cause acne.

In my opinion, vitamin E supplements or oil are most effective in promoting hair health. Vitamin E is naturally produced by your body and acts as an antioxidant, while improving blood circulation, which will help promote hair growth. It will also keep your skin healthier, and even make your immune system stronger. Be sure to maintain healthy doses of vitamin E, as it will cause thinning of the blood if taken in excess. If you get a oil which contains vitamin E, simply use it by massaging it in your scalp, and rinsing it out after 30-45 minutes.

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Written by: Noreen

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