H Tasting Lounge To Offer Exclusive Patio Dome Dining Experience

H Tasting Lounge Winterlust Dome Dining Experience - Things To Do This Weekend

H Tasting Lounge in Vancouver is offering a one-of-a-kind dining experience this winter, where you can wine and dine in the comfort of a fire-side dome.

It’s called “Winterlust”, and it’ll only be available between Friday, December 13th and Sunday, January 19th.

Diners can enjoy a nice warm meal in a “chic snow globe”, on the restaurant’s outdoor patio, along with 5 guests.

Adding to the experience is the fact that H Tasting Lounge is in Coal Harbour, which means you can “stay warm while soaking in the magnetic energy of the harbour.”

H Tasting Lounge Winterlust Dome Dining Experience

Photo: H Tasting Lounge

As part of the special occasion, there’s also an exclusive Winterlust menu, which features a variety of special drinks and snacks.

Cocktails include the “Dreamt of Summer”, “Ember Glows”, and “Saturday Morning Cartoons”, with champagne, wine, and beer also available.

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Food-wise, the meat and potatoes of the meal is literally called “Meat & Potatoes”, which features a mix of shrimp, sausage, beef, bread or pretzel rolls, tomatoes, endives, and (of course) roasted potatoes.

There’s also vegetarian options for those with diet-restrictions, as well as fondue for those with a sweet tooth. (The restaurant is also hosting a nutcracker-themed high tea this month.)

There is a time limit of 2 hours, however, as well as a minimum order of $200 (so bring your friends), and you must book in advance online.

H Tasting Lounge Winterlust Dome Experience

Where: 1601 Bayshore Dr., Vancouver, BC

When: Friday, December 13th to Sunday, January 19th

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