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Flyover Canada: A World Class Tour in Vancouver

Christmas at FlyOver Canada 2014

With a planned opening in the Spring of 2013
, this exciting new attraction is surely destined to become one of the top attractions in Vancouver. If you have ever experienced the extremely popular Soaring Over California attraction at Disneyland or Walt Disney World, you will have had a taste of what this attraction will be like.

FlyOver Canada is a new major destination visitor attraction opening up at Canada Place. Guests will soar from coast to coast on a breathtaking aerial journey taking in the excitement and grandeur of Canada through the latest in virtual flight ride technology. Groups of up to 60 guests at at time will strap in and be lifted in front of a large custom spherical screen where they will move in concert to a film with the most stunning vistas of Canada shown from the air. The immersive effect will be complete with the addition of wind, scents, mist and sound.

When you consider the cost of a quick sightseeing flight over a small area in an actual aircraft, this experience is truly a bargain. On top of that, no sightseeing flight can offer you some of the experiences that are provided during this ride as special permits for low flight had to be obtained in order to film many of the scenes.

With its convenient location inside Canada Place, right next to Waterfront Station on Vancouver’s spectacular harbourfront, it will be easy to fit this great attraction into your travel plans; even during a short stay in the city.

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